About Juliet’s Capulets

A Family Tradition For Over 200 Years

Juliet's Capulets a 200 year old family tradition

It started with an invitation from Catherine the Great over 200 years ago when my ancestors, reknowned knitters and weavers, established the finest quality handmade finery for Imperial Russia.  Following in the footsteps of a 200 year family history, I design intricate lace and contemporary heirloom luxuries with the very highest quality artisan materials, served with a modern twist.

Step away from the ordinary with hand knitted lace, a baby alpaca luxury or beaded stole from Juliet’s Capulets, where handcrafted heirloom finery will bring you pleasure and distinction for years to come … part of a European family tradition for over two centuries.


Juliet's Capulets


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